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Posts for: May, 2014

By Dr. Mina Modaresi
May 20, 2014
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Dentist  
If your dental visits feel like brush, rinse and repeat, then it’s time to take a new view of your dental visit. Coming to our Sterling or Chantilly offices should not only be about checking up on your dental health, they should also present an opportunity to have your questions answered.
Some of the preparations should start before you ever step into our office. This includes taking a brief inventory of your dental health. In the past six months, have you noticed any changes to your teeth and gums? These could include bleeding when you brush, jaw pain when you wake up, mouth sores that may not properly heal, pain or unexplained sensitivity to hot and cold.
Make a list of any symptoms you may be experiencing or write down any questions you may have for Dr. Modaresi. In the hustle and bustle of your day in getting to your appointment, it’s easy to forget some of the questions and concerns you initially had. By keeping a list and tucking it into your purse or wallet, you are less likely to forget when you arrive at our Sterling or Chantilly offices.
Your overall health also affects your dental health, and it’s important to remember to update Dr. Modaresi on any new diagnoses or medications you may be taking. Some medications can contribute to dry mouth, which increases your risk for cavities. This is especially true for medications for depression or high blood pressure. While you should not discontinue any medications you are currently taking, informing Dr. Modaresi can help her identify potential interventions, such as mouthwashes, that can reduce dry mouth.
When it comes to your actual office visit, feel free to ask questions. If you are wondering what Dr. Modaresi sees on a dental X-ray or the techniques our dental hygienist is using to floss your teeth, feel free to ask. The more involved you are with your dental health, the better equipped you will be to prevent cavities and decay.
Hopefully you experience a dentist visit free from cavities. However, if you do have a cavity or other dental concern, Dr. Modaresi will explain treatment options to you. She offers cosmetic fillings that mean you will not have visible reminders of a filled cavity.
Speaking of cosmetic services, your dental visit can be the time to discuss any cosmetic concerns you may have regarding your teeth. If you’ve always hoped they could be whiter or have felt self-conscious about your front teeth or a missing tooth, Dr. Modaresi can discuss affordable options for concealing these concerns. This does not mean you instantly have to have these procedures. Starting the conversation and receiving reliable health information could set you on the pathway to a better smile.
Dr. Modaresi and all of the staff at our Sterling and Chantilly, VA dentist offices appreciate you choosing us for your dental care. We are proud to provide care for you and your family. Please call (703) 433-1122 if you have questions or would like to make an appointment.